5S Activity

Not only focusing on equipment investment and factory automation, SSP Molding Co., Ltd. also focuses on training human resources such as: implementing 5S activities to improve production, people and mentality of each staff member. At the same time, it creates a friendly working environment for workers feel secure to work at SSP company.

The implementation of 5S in SSP company is started by training the awareness of employees. Because this activity will become real and effective if employees understand the benefit of 5S for themselves and their workplaces. From changing the awareness of urgency and benefit of 5S, employees will eagerly participate in the process of Sort (Seiri), Stabilize (Seiton), Shine (Seiso) according to the set standards.

5S implementation at SSP Moulding 

5S is a tool to support daily work, and also a part of the daily routine.